Project Description

Life Begins at Rewirement is a FUTURESTATES film set in the future: Life Begins at Rewirement follows Simon Ender on the day he checks his 100-year-old mother Jessica, into Gateway TransCare – a memory care facility that stores consciousness in data banks.

Simon is a middle-aged, successful businessman grappling with the difficult decision of what is best for his ailing parent. After suffering a stroke a few years ago, Jessica is wheelchair bound and can only communicate through a text-to-speech synthesizer. She lives alone and is descending rapidly into dementia.

The strained relationship of a stubborn, forgetful mother and her uptight son is put to the test. Life Begins at Rewirement blurs the lines between memory and oblivion, parent and child, human soul and the spirit of technology.

Directed and Written by Trevin Matcek. Produced by An Tran and Jennifer Westin. Co-Production of ITVS.

FUTURESTATES is part of PBS’s Independent Lens, an Emmy Award-winning television series showcasing independent documentaries made by ITVS-funded filmmakers. In FUTURESTATES, veteran and emerging filmmakers transform complex social issues into visions of our world in the decades to come.